Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I've got a new favorite pair of jeans

It's official - I'm not psychotic, I have acceptable genes, and no infectious diseases! Hooray! I got "the call" from Shady Grove a week ahead of schedule giving me permission to take the next step in egg donation. I immediately made a call to my social worker to set up an appointment with her. I'll meet with her twice - once alone, and once with my boyfriend - and then I'll enter the donor database. I'm not really sure exactly what we'll discuss in our meetings, but I'm assuming we'll talk about the emotional aspect of egg donation. I am so relieved to have made this huge step... more so that my genetics test came back without any concerns. Big thanks to my Mom and Dad!

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  1. That is AWESOME!!! I have to say I enjoyed meeting with the social worker on the recipient end. They really make you think about the harder questions about the DE process.