Saturday, March 5, 2011

Can't I just take a pill?... Please?

I got a pretty extensive packet of paperwork earlier this week, which describes the itinerary for my 5 hour day of orientation on Monday. I filled out yet ANOTHER questionnaire about my medical/family history, and a W-9 tax form. Next I filled out the "Risk Factor Questionnaire," which went into a little more detail about my sex life that I would have liked. I guess I need to get used to people asking about my reproductive organs on a daily basis... The information packet, which was about 20 pages long, answered a lot of lingering questions I had about the donation process. In addition to the Shared Risk Program, Shady Grove offers couples an opportunity to decrease the cost of IVF by opting for a Shared Donor Egg agreement. Basically up to 3 women share the cost of using one donor egg cycle by splitting the eggs retrieved. In addition to relieving some of the financial burden, most (if not all) eggs are used for IVF as opposed to being donated to research or discarded. This definitely makes me even more confident that I am making a good call for choosing SG as my first choice clinic.

One thing in particular has been on my mind about orientation - Injection Training. As part of my homework, I had to watch a few videos. If you can handle it, watch the injection videos on Lupron and HCG. I'm not positive, but I'm pretty sure these are the hormones I'll be taking at some point. I'm curious to see exactly how injection training is gonna go... do I have to practice?! I'm sure once I get over the initial shock of actually giving myself the shot it'll be a piece of cake, but that doesn't make me any less nervous. I'm accepting nurse applications by the way...

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