Monday, July 2, 2012

Return of the Donor Bump

Day 4... Yes, it's back already. I wasn't expecting to be back to feeling rather... large... so early on, but here we go. It's obvious to see and feel that the Gonal-F and Menopur are doing their job. Yesterday I woke up feeling like I have two tangerines hanging out in my stomach, and today I'm squeezing into my jeans that were loose a few days ago. I've been taking the same doses for the last three days: 5 units of Lupron in the morning, Menopur (1 vial) & Gonal-F (225 units in the evening). I had my first monitoring appointment today to check out the O's, and my Gonal-F is being increased tonight to 263 units. So far the eggs are looking good! Next appointment is on Thursday...

Shot count: 22

Side Effects: Nausea!, Headaches, Loss of appetite, Fatigue (took a three hour "nap" today), Donor Bump (looking about 5 months)

People who have asked if I'm expecting: 0 - This might change soon...


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